NWorks Buyer's Home Featured in Portland Monthly Design Article

A home our clients bought last year was featured in the most recent Portland Monthly Design Annual's cover story, "10 Amazing New Homes."  The feature on the Passive House reads:

Architect Rob Hawthorne and builder Bart Bergquist believe there's a market for midpriced infill homes that produce as much electricity as they use. So far, so good. Their 2010 CoreHaus - the first residence in Portland to earn certification as a "Passive House," the airtight, überefficient system pioneered in Germany - quickly found a buyer. So too their TrekHaus, a pair of attached town houses that, after year two, are producing an average of 14 kilowatt hours of electricity and using only nine daily. Their latest, the 02Haus, is a smartly designed Passive House duplex that employs all the necessary gizmos to send equal amounts of power back to the grid: triple-glazed tilt-and-turn windows, a heat pump system, heat recovery ventilators. But with touches like LED lighting that splash the living areas with color, Hawthorne and Bergquist are finding the fun within the technocracy of green building. And they're finding buyers, too: the 02Haus sold before it was completed.