Jarrett Altman

Principal Broker/Owner

503.407.4200 / jarrett@nworksrealty.com

When I first moved to Portland 24 years ago, I knew right away that this is where I wanted to be. I felt at home when I was out running, and I felt at home when I was working on something. I met my husband, Bob, ran my first marathon, and bought a fixer in Hawthorne. Our home was considered a duplex, but it is actually two little houses on one lot, which we affectionately named Vern and Velma after the original owners. The homes were barely livable and most people would have likely torn them down and built a "real" house, but we looked at them as an opportunity to work on something together and to afford a home in a neighborhood we loved. We have been restoring them ever since. I've met great people in my own neighborhood and I think it's important to feel like you are part of something bigger. Bob and I started with a project, but a livelihood ensued, combining our interests in planning, old houses, and our desire to create something special. Neighborhoods involve houses and businesses, but more important they involve people, both homeowners and renters alike. We continued buying fixers that we have restored and now rent, and have become even more vested in our neighborhood as our business evolves. Starting Neighborhood Works was a way to do everything we love, and do it together. We still live in one of our original two houses and are currently working to restore the other to create an office and meeting space for Neighborhood Works and a guesthouse for the neighborhood.


Charis Palmer

Principal Broker


Charis Palmer has been in real estate in Portland since 1985.  Her sister used to own Butter Toes on Belmont, which is now home to the Pied Cow Coffeehouse.  The history of homes in Portland is of great interest to Charis:  "I especially love old houses," she says.  "I try to imagine the stories they could tell.  I live in an old house and adore it. My home is like a cherished friend to me."  She lives in Southeast Portland near Division in a late 1800's farmhouse with her chickens (before they were trendy!), and various other assorted animals as well as her rescue pigeons.  Yes, rescue pigeons!  A big animal advocate, Charis has an advocacy group called "Crazy Pigeon People" that rescues and nurtures pigeons.  She has rescued them from people's attics and rafters among other places and has opened her home to all the living creatures she has saved.  Charis thinks of herself more as a real estate advocate and counselor, than a real estate sales person. "It's very important to me that everyone be treated honestly, fairly and understand the real estate process.  I love people and am very good at matching people to their house. Most often, I know it's the one when I walk though the door."


Nancy Siano


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Nancy Siano moved to Portland from the New York suburbs in 2010, driving cross country with her three daughters and their dog. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest where she attended Washington State University, she moved “home” to be close to her sister and welcomed the lifestyle change.  On the East Coast, Nancy got her Masters in Curriculum from Western Connecticut State University and then taught second and third grade in Westchester County, NY for five years before starting a family.

Nancy has always had a love of houses, and real estate has been a part of her life since she first got her license in New York in 1992 to help out with her husband’s family business. In addition to having her license in New York, Nancy also worked as an assistant appraiser in 2002-2004.  She grew to love the business and gained valuable experience working with buyers and sellers and helped several neighbors and friends buy and sell houses in Westchester, NY.  After getting settled in Portland, she got her Oregon license in 2011 and started working with Jarrett at Neighborhood Works.  She loves the challenge of finding just the right home for buyers and helping sellers prepare their house for sale.  Even in a difficult market whether the market is too slow or buyers are competing to get offers accepted,  she loves her job and finds working with clients on their most important financial transaction truly rewarding!

Nancy bought a foreclosure in Laurelhurst shortly after moving here and has been slowly bringing back its curb appeal and charm. Running up to Mount Tabor and back is her favorite stress reliever and she's becoming a yoga enthusiast, taking classes at Yoga Union in SE Portland.         

Joel Roth


503.860.0882 / joel@nworksrealty.com

Joel Roth arrived in Portland in 1992 after years of living in cities across the East Coast and Midwest. He was so impressed with the city’s beauty, livability, and the warmth of its people that he decided to stick around. He’s called Portland home ever since, and has built his career helping others do the same.

Joel’s early professional focus was on commercial real estate. While three years on the job provided him with solid experience, he soon realized that he craved a stronger human component in his work. Now, after nearly two decades as a real estate broker servicing the greater Portland area, clients and colleagues alike have come to rely on Joel’s straightforward and respectful style of business. This approach won him Portland Monthly Magazine’s Five Star Professional Award for four years as well as countless word-of-mouth referrals over the course of his career.

Whether it’s building a cabin in eastern Oregon with his father and brother or helping first-time house buyers find the perfect historic bungalow, Joel recognizes that homes and human relationships are often intertwined. He takes pride in his role as facilitator and advisor to his clients, helping them reach informed solutions together and, when the time comes, negotiate confidently with the other parties. Even in the toughest of markets, Joel works hard to cultivate respect. It’s a credit to this friendly, people-centered approach that many of his client relationships eventually turn into friendships.

Joel’s clients also benefit from his firsthand knowledge of construction and building processes: in fact, he’s renovated two homes of his own. He is happy to be able to offer sound advice on what to look for — and what to be wary of — when buying an older home. Experiencing pride of ownership himself was partly what drew Joel to real estate in the first place. Helping others imagine and discover this pride for themselves continues to sustain him in his work.

In his time off, Joel enjoys catching live music and performing with his own local roots rock band. If it’s quiet he wants, he heads to his cabin in eastern Oregon, where he explores the peaks and trails of the Wallowas with his wife, Carrie, and his dog, Nigel.

Michael Bluhm


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Physical spaces always have resonated with me, especially in Portland: the sky turning purple behind the shoulders of Mt. Hood; the joyous roar of the crowd at Providence Park when the Timbers and Thorns win; looking down from Tabor at the city lights shimmering beyond the tops of the fir trees. Such moments create emotional connections to our surroundings for all of us, and help create the experiences of a place.

These connections have immensely affected my approach to real estate. Rather than thinking strictly in terms of the X’s and O’s of a particular property, I am drawn to the details and intricacies, the views from inside looking out, the ways in which a dwelling reflects and shapes our personal energy.

Jarrett worked with my family as we moved through four different Portland houses. She and I often joked that I should put to use all this experience of buying and selling. Finally, after 12 years as a web-based college English instructor, the time was right for a more personal and interactive career, and an official entrance into real estate. I’m thrilled to build and strengthen relationships old and new. I look forward to connecting people with places where they can feel inspired and energized, relaxed and embraced, at home in their community.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, I came to Oregon for my MFA in creative writing in 2001 and quickly realized I'd be staying. I love the year-round outdoor experiences, the friendliness, the geography. My wife and I have settled into the South Tabor neighborhood with our two children and dog. I enjoy family adventures, coaching soccer, running in Mt. Tabor Park, bakeries, and the Portland Timbers.