Welcome to Neighborhood Works Realty!

We are a local family-owned real estate company with a love of houses and the neighborhoods they comprise. We focus on all aspects of the realty process, including guiding people to resources we have used and can recommend, from local lenders to trade and craftspeople. 

Our approach begins with communication. We started our company in order to nurture relationships with our clients, our friends, and our neighbors, and our mission remains to develop partnerships which transcend simply helping people to buy and sell houses. Our clients benefit from our knowledge of how Portland's unique neighborhoods work and how subtleties affect your choices. We are dedicated to seeing neighborhoods grow in sustainable ways by supporting local businesses, participating in community activities, volunteering our time and resources, sharing information about local events, and connecting people with their surroundings.

When you buy a home, you buy more than just a structure; you buy into the businesses, the parks, the schools, and the neighbors surrounding you. By starting our own small business, we can continue to do what we love while maintaining our local identity. 

We build community one house at a time - that’s how Neighborhood Works!